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Analytics & information management data engineering

Data Engineering (DE), part of our Analytics and Information Management team, sits within our Technology Consulting practice. We are a skilled group of business and technical professionals who design and build complex analytical solutions to solve our clients technical challenges. Our teams specialise in data analytics from initial data exploration to complex analysis, modelling and visualisation techniques. We have been at the heart of some of the most exciting analytical projects in the UK firm; utilising our expertise in cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Cloud engineering

The Belfast Cloud Engineering team within TS&A is part of the wider Deloitte Technology Consulting practice. Our people have deep expertise, combined with strong cross-capability relationships that enable Cloud Engineering to play an essential role in delivering the firm’s ambition to grow the Belfast practice and sustain a range of alternative delivery models.

In Cloud Engineering we work to make a difference for our clients. Our core capabilities deliver solutions based on our client needs, through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) expertise of our certified people and the hands on experience of running our own cloud platform. A platform that generates assets to increase speed to value for our clients and manage our products and solutions mitigating risks, uncontrolled spend, inefficiency and immaturity.

Our work continues to be recognised globally and accreditation of our processes through the ISO 20000 standard shows some of our success to date. We are experiencing high growth and promote Belfast as a centre of excellence for Cloud Engineering globally.

Deloitte digital

At Deloitte Digital, we value the personal learning and constant growth and development of all our staff. We thrive on innovative ideas and cutting edge technology and encourage the exploration of new technologies through mash-up days and lunch and learns.

Deloitte Digital is committed to helping clients unlock the business value of emerging technologies. However, we are always looking for innovative and fun ways to do things. We continuously play with new frameworks and design patterns that help us deliver solutions that excite our client’s customers at the same time as delivering at incredible speeds.

Enterprise applications

In Enterprise Applications we work with the biggest clients, helping them develop their strategic vision for the mission critical apps that run their day-to-day business operations. We implement the latest technologies that are changing the way we work, undoubtedly for the better. And we cultivate innovation, working with emerging technologies to redefine platform functionality and build new propositions for our clients. Enterprise Applications specialise in the delivery of business applications to empower our clients to tackle and overcome some of the most complex business transformation challenges.

We have alliances with some of the biggest players in this space, as well as working with emerging vendors. Our alliances include world-class brands like Apple, Google, SAP, Oracle, Workday and other Cloud Applications.

Human capital - HR transformation

Our HR Transformation team forms part of our Human Capital practice in the Belfast Delivery Centre and consists of two main sub-areas.

The HR Applications team deliver technology enabled HR transformation to assist clients in transforming their HR function. The team offer a wide portfolio of services supporting full end-to-end implementation of technology solutions, including application configuration, application testing and application data and integration services.

Our three main technology propositions are Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, and Oracle Fusion. Our capability offers a blend of on-site and off-site services tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our disruptive HR transformation offering incorporates HR advisory and HR technology advisory services. We approach HR transformation in a flexible and agile way and recognise that one size does not fit all. We tailor our services according to the client’s specific requirements.

Human capital - transformation services

When our clients need help managing a project or to make a change in their company, they come to us for help. Transformation Services is made up of two core services: Programme Management Office (PMO) and Change Management

Our PMO service provides support for our clients to manage new or existing change programmes to help them succeed. Working in PMO means sitting right at the heart of the programme and interacting with the different teams that make up the programme. This involves developing programme plans, tracking progress and reporting to senior clients.

Our Change Management service provides support to our clients to make a change in their business. This involves understanding the impact the change will have on the business and how to support people through that change. For example by developing training materials or developing communication campaigns.

Both our PMO and Change Management services are core elements of helping our clients transform the way they do business. These teams often work closely together.

Pensions audit centre of excellence

The “PACE” Team is responsible for auditing the firm’s pension scheme clients.  Our largest hub is situated in Belfast where you’ll work as part of a dynamic growing team, specialising in areas such as investments, and helping to audit these on our pension scheme clients and some of our largest corporate engagements.  We pride ourselves on being recognised within the UK firm as PACE specialists, and we work as a team, whether in the Belfast office, or one of our other hubs.

Project controller group

The Project Controller Group are a group of client service professionals with expertise in end-to-end project accounting.  The team’s specialist skills focus on project economics, financial risk mitigation and commercial compliance.

Uniquely, the team engage directly with senior stakeholders including Project Managers and Partners to accurately report the financials of the project.

System integration - testing

Testing is one of the most important actions that an organisation can take to control the risks of software failure. The purpose of testing is to provide an insight into the quality of the software and the risks associated with it. Based on the outcomes of testing, organisations can make informed decisions about whether to release the software to their customers.

Technology strategy & architecture

The Belfast Technology Strategy and Architecture (TS&A) team is part of the wider Deloitte Technology Consulting practice. Our people have deep expertise, combined with strong cross-capability relationships that enable TS&A to play an essential role in delivering the firm’s ambition to grow the Belfast practice and sustain a range of alternative delivery models.

In TS&A we provide a range of core technology consulting capabilities helping our clients with IT strategy, business analysis and technology advisory services. We are rapidly growing expertise in integration and cloud advisory services. We work closely with Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to help our clients develop leading-edge technology thinking and solutions. We have a deep capability to shape, procure and deliver technology-enabled change programmes.

Tax preparation team

Our TPT Centre of Excellence consists of a near shore Belfast-based division of the Tax Preparation Team working in conjunction with our offshore colleagues in Hyderabad, India to provide services to clients across the UK. Our work includes a variety of functions including the preparation of corporation tax computations and partnership tax returns with opportunities to undertake research and specialisation in more niche tax compliance areas.

Our work includes ensuring that our clients’ tax affairs are fully compliant with government legislation and HMRC guidelines, whilst seeking to add value and give advice on potential tax savings where appropriate

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